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Find an Element in 2 dimensional sorted array

Objec­tive : Write an algo­rithm to find an Ele­ment in 2 dimen­sional array where rows and columns are sorted respectively.

Input: A two dimen­sional sorted array, arrA[][].

Sorted 2D array

Sorted 2D array


Out­put : True or false based on whether ele­ment exists and its location


  • Start from the right top cor­ner, say ele is the matrix element;
  • If ele>num­ber -> move left
  • If ele<num­ber -> move down
  • If you cant move fur­ther to find the num­ber , return false
Find element in Sorted 2D array

Find ele­ment in Sorted 2D array

Com­plete Code:


The Movement : 4->9->16->15->The 15 present in 2D array a ??? :true
The Movement : 4->9->8->7->6->The 5 present in 2D array a ??? :false
The Movement : 4->9->16->20->19->The 19 present in 2D array a ??? :true
The Movement : 4->9->16->20->The 25 present in 2D array a ??? :false

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