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Hash Table Implementation

Objec­tive : To imple­ment a Hash Table

Input:  A set of pairs of keys and values


    • Cre­ate a Hash Table
      • Hashtable<Integer, String> ht = new Hashtable<Integer, String>();
    • Insert val­ues in hash table using put(key,value)
      • ht.put(key, value);

  • Get val­ues from hash table using get(key)
    • ht.get(key);
hash table

hash table

Advan­tage : The search time for any ele­ment is O(1) since it uses key to find an ele­ment so it takes con­stant time. But draw­back is that it takes extra space.

Com­plete Code:


All values inserted
Employee with ID 1 is Sumit
Employee with ID 3 is Rishi

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