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Find All the Well Ordered Permutations of a Given String.

Objec­tive: Write an algo­rithm to Print All the Well Ordered Per­mu­ta­tions of a Given String.

What is Well Ordered String: When all the alpha­bets in a string occur in the increas­ing order irre­spec­tive of Lower Case or Upper case.

This is yet another prob­lem in which you we see the power of recursion.

Exam­ple :

"Sumit" - Not Well Ordered . 'u' occurred after 'S'.

"Now" - Well Ordered. N<o<W.




Given String - Interview
[e, e, I, i, n, r, t, v, w]
[e, e, i, I, n, r, t, v, w]
[e, e, i, I, n, r, t, v, w]
[e, e, I, i, n, r, t, v, w]

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