Find Intersection Point in Two Linked List

Objec­tive: Given Two linked list, check whether both list inter­sect each other, if yes then find the start­ing node of the intersection.

Inter­sec­tion point means end of one linked list is linked with some node in another linked list and it forms a Y shape.

Input: Two Linked List

Out­put: Inter­sec­tion Node or point


Find Intersection Point in Two Linked List

Find Inter­sec­tion Point in Two Linked List


  • Find the length of both the linked lists say : a_len and b_len
  • Find the len­Diff = (a_len ~ b_len)
  • Tra­verse the longer linked list by lenDiff
  • Now tra­verse both the lists at the same time
  • Check whether nodes are same, if yes then we have found the inter­sec­tion point
  • If we reach the end of the link lists then there is no inter­sec­tion point.

Trick Solu­tion:

 Time Com­plex­ity : O(n) , Space Com­plex­ity : O(1)
Com­plete Code:


List A :
List B :
Intersection found at 30

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