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Find the Deepest Node in a Binary Tree.

Objec­tive: - Given a binary tree, Find the deep­est node in it.


  • Take two global vari­able as “deep­estlevel” and “value”.
  • start­ing with level=0, Do the inorder tra­ver­sal and when­ever you go down one level ( root.left OR root.right), increase the level by 1.
  • Keep check­ing if deep­estlevel < level, if yes then update the “deep­estlevel ” and “value “.
  • At the end return “value”, which will the deep­est node value.
  • See the code for bet­ter explanation.



Deepest child is: 8

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  • Lance

    When call­ing for the right child, shouldn’t it be find (root.right, ++level) instead of find(root.right, level)?

    • tuto­ri­al­hori­zon

      If u notice when we are call­ing find(root.left, ++level) we have already increased the level value. So when we make a call to root.right, it will be called with incre­mented value. To avoid con­fu­sion u can call find (root.left, level+1) and then find(root.right, level+1)

      • Lance

        You’re right. Thanks

        • tuto­ri­al­hori­zon

          You r welcome !