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Find The Longest Sequence Of Prefix Shared By All The Words In A String

Objec­tive: Write an algo­rithm to find The Longest Sequence Of Pre­fix Shared By All The Words In A String. This inter­est­ing prob­lem was asked in the Google inter­view for soft­ware engi­neer. This prob­lem is bit tricky, it looks dif­fi­cult but actu­ally it is sim­ple problem.

Input: A String

Out­put: The longest sequence of pre­fix com­mon in all the words in a string


Bed­room Bed­Clock Bed­Table Bed­Wall” => “Bed”


  • Split the input by blank space and store it in arrA[].
  • Cre­ate int resultLen and store the first index string length in it (int resultLen = arrA[0].length())
  • Cre­ate another interger vari­able, int curr
  • Now run a loop in rest of the array.
  • Check if curr < resultLen and curr<length of cur­rent string in a loop
  • If so check if char­ac­ter at curr posi­tion matched in first index string and with the cur­rent string a loop, if so, increase curr by 1
  • Change resultLen = curr
  • Return sub­string of resultLen length

Com­plete Code:

Original String : Sumit Summation Summit Sum
Common Prefix is : Sum


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  • Muthu

    Good start.
    But i see some code not appro­pri­ate. I believe if the code is run on this
    Sumit Muthu Sum­ma­tion Sum­mit Sum, it will not give desired out­put. You need to tweak your while loop.
    while (curr < resultLen && curr < arrA[i].length()
    && arrA[0].charAt(curr) == arrA[1].charAt(curr))

    you have to keep track of prev and com­pare the curr with that, not just [0] and [1]

    • Sumit Jain

      Thanks Muthu for point­ing it out, i had put “1” instead of “i”. Cor­rected it


  • Sumeet Van­daku­dri

    Your code fails for {“a”, “a”, “b”} The out­put should be “” but your code give “a” as out­put !
    Cor­rect me if i am wrong!!