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Find the Maximum Depth OR Height of a Binary Tree

Objec­tive: Given a binary tree, find the height of it

Input: A Binary Tree

Out­put: Height of a binary tree


Tree Height - Example

Tree Height — Example



  • Get the height of left sub tree, say leftHeight
  • Get the height of right sub tree, say rightHeight
  • Take the Max(leftHeight, rightHeight) and add 1 for the root and return
  • Call recur­sively.

Time Com­plex­ity : O(n)

get Height of a tree - Recursion

get Height of a tree — Recursion

Com­plete Code:


Height of the Tree is 7

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  • Anuj

    Expla­na­tion with dia­gram is just amaz­ing! Thanks!

    • tuto­ri­al­hori­zon

      Thanks Anuj