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Find the maximum width of a binary tree

Objec­tive: Given a binary Tree, write an algo­rithm to find the max­i­mum width.

Note: Max­i­mum width of a tree is noth­ing but the Max(nodes at each level).

Input: A Binary Tree

Out­put: Max­i­mum width of a given tree.


Maximum width of a given tree

Max­i­mum width of a given tree


The solu­tion of this prob­lem is very sim­ple, Do level order tra­ver­sal and in recur­sive calls count the num­ber of nodes at each level and keep track of Max of them and at the end return the max.

Read this solu­tion ” Level Order Tra­ver­sal, Print each level in sep­a­rate line” and imple­ment the above approach.

Com­plete Code:


Maximum Width of a binary Tree is : 4

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