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Find the Size of a Binary Tree without Recursion

Objec­tive: Given a binary tree, Write an non-recursive algo­rithm to find the size of the tree.

Note : Size of the tree is num­ber of nodes in the tree




In our ear­lier post (link) we have seen the clean and sim­ple recur­sive approach for find­ing the size of the tree. Now we will see how to solve it with­out recursion.

If we are not using recur­sion then we need a data struc­ture to store the tree tra­ver­sal, we will use queue here.

Solu­tion is exactly sim­i­lar to tree tra­ver­sal with­out recur­sion. Just that we will keep count­ing the num­ber of nodes.



Tree Size: 5

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  • lipsa patel

    The size of binary tree in image is “8” instead of “7”.