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Find Whether Given String is palindrome or Not.

Objec­tive : Write an algo­rithm to find Whether Given String is palin­drome or Not.

Input:  A String,

Out­put: true or false on whether string is palin­drome or not


  • Use recur­sive approach
  • Com­pare first and last char­ac­ters if they are not same– return false
  • If they are same make, remove the first and last char­ac­ters and make a recur­sive call. 


Jain niaJ => compare ‘J’ with ‘J’ =>returns true

ain nia => compare ‘a’ with ‘a’ =>returns true

in ni => compare ‘i’ with ‘i’ =>returns true

n n => compare ‘n’ with ‘n’ =>returns true

string length <2 => returns true

Com­plete Code:


Is Sumit Palindrome ??? :false
Is SumuS Palindrome ??? :true
Is ABCDEFGHGFEDCBA Palindrome ??? :true
Is Jain niaJ Palindrome ??? :true
Is SumuaS Palindrome ??? :false

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  • Anony­mous

    This pro­gram is wrong. Try mod­i­fy­ing the sec­ond string to SumuaS and check. You will get the wrong result.

    • Sumit Jain

      Thanks for point­ing it out…I have cor­rected it.

  • kaos

    What if the String con­tains cap­i­tal let­ters and small let­ters in between? Exam­ple Nitin . It should return true right?