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Implement Stack Using Linked List

Objec­tive: Write an algo­rithm to imple­ment Stack using Linked List.

If you do not know about then for starters its abstract data type in which fol­lows the prin­ci­ple of LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) which means the data goes in last comes out first to read about in detail please read this link Stack


Solu­tion is quite sim­ple, Ear­lier we have seen an arti­cle  “Linked List Imple­men­ta­tion”, we need to make some changes to make it work as Stack.

Stack Oper­a­tions:

Push() : Insert the ele­ment into linked list at the begin­ning and increase the size of the list. O(1) operation.

Pop() : Return the ele­ment first node from the linked list and move the head pointer to the sec­ond node. Decrease the size of the list. O(1) operation.

get­Size(): Return the size of linked list.

dis­playStack(): Print the linked list.

Com­plete Code:


Element 1 is pushed into Stack
Element 2 is pushed into Stack
Element 4 is pushed into Stack
4 2 1
Pop out element 4
2 1

Note: Also read, Track the Max­i­mum Ele­ment in a Stack. This prob­lem was asked in Yahoo in Soft­ware Engi­neer position.

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