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Print All Paths from Top left to bottom right in Two Dimensional Array

Objec­tive: Print all the paths from left top cor­ner to right bot­tom cor­ner in two dimen­sional array.

Input: Two Dimen­sional array

Out­put: Print all the paths.

Note: At the End of the arti­cle you will know what needs to be included if you want to print the diag­o­nal paths as well.


Print All Paths - Example

Print All Paths — Example


As we need to explore all the paths from top left cor­ner to bot­tom right cor­ner, we will either travel down OR travel right. so every time either we increase the row or column.

  • Recur­sion is the key here.
  • Take the rows count and col­umn counts say row­Count and col­Count respectively
  • Take cur­ren­tRow =0 and cur­rent­Col­umn =0 and path =””
  • Call printAll(currentRow, currentcolumn,path)
  • Add array[0][0] to the path.
  • Call recur­sively printAll(currentRow+1, currentcolumn,path)
  • Call recur­sively printAll(currentRow, currentcolumn+1,path)
  • Base Case 1: when cur­ren­tRow = rowCount-1(because array index starts with 0) , print the rest of the columns, return
  • Base Case 2: when cur­rent­col­umn = colCount-1(because array index starts with 0) , print the rest of the rows, return

Like always you need to trust Recur­sion to get you the cor­rect result. 🙂

Recursion Tree -Print All Paths

Recur­sion Tree –Print All Paths

Com­plete Code:



Note: printAll(currentRow+1,currentColumn+1,path); Add this line when you want to print diag­o­nal paths as well (see code)

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  • deen john

    this code is not pro­duc­ing the cor­rect out­put. please check. i am get­ting :-1–4-5–6





    • tuto­ri­al­hori­zon

      Is it nxn matrix u r providing ?

      • deen john

        the code is cor­rect but it’s for ” Print All Paths from Top left to bot­tom right in Two Dimen­sional Array includ­ing Diag­o­nal” not “Print All Paths from Top left to bot­tom right in Two Dimen­sional Array”. you haven’t com­ment the line– printAll(currentRow + 1, cur­rent­Col­umn + 1, path);

      • deen john

        I like your web­site for the detailed easy answers and it’s a big help. I have a small request too– Could you please add tuto­ri­als for Graph based algorithms/Datastructures problems .

  • deen john

    there is some prob­lem with your code. it’s not pro­duc­ing cor­rect result

  • Xenial

    Thank you!! You are the best!!! Keep up the good work. Love this website. 🙂