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Print All The Permutations Of a String

Objec­tive: Given a String, print all the per­mu­ta­tions of it.

Input: A String

Out­put: Print all the per­mu­ta­tions of a string


Input : abc
Output: abc acb bac bca cba cab

  • Take one char­ac­ter at a time and fix it at the first posi­tion. (use swap to put every char­ac­ter at the first posi­tion)
  • make recur­sive call to rest of the characters.
  • use swap to revert the string back to its orig­i­nal form fo next iteration.


Com­plete Code:

Out­put :

abc acb bac bca cba cab

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  • san­jib

    use sim­ple string based pro­gram as below

    pub­lic class StringPermutations {

    pub­lic sta­tic void main(String[] args) {

    String s = “abcd”;

    String­Per­mu­ta­tions i = new StringPermutations();

    i.permute(“”, s);


    pri­vate void permute(String new­String, String oriString) {

    if (oriString == null || oriString.isEmpty()) {

    System.out.println( newString);


    for (int i = 0; i < oriString.length(); i++) {

    permute(newString.concat(oriString.substring(i, i + 1)), oriString

    .substring(0, i).concat(oriString.substring(i + 1)));




  • rakesh singh