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Provide the Next Siblings Pointers in a Given Binary Tree

Objec­tive: - Given a binary tree with three point­ers left, right and nextSi­b­ling). Write the pro­gram to pro­vide the nextsi­b­ling pointers.





  • Use Recur­sion.
  • Start from the root, if root’s left node is not null then make it point to the root’s right child.
  • check if root’s nextsi­b­ling is not null, if NOT then make the next sib­ling of root’s right node point to the root’s nextsibling’s left child. (In our exam­ple node 5 points node 6, as per our state­ment, Par­ent of node 5 is Node 2, next sib­ling of node 2 is node 3, and left child of node 2 is node 6, So Node 5 will points to Node 6 )



2 3
4 5 6 7

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