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Search the Element in a binary tree — With and Without Recursion

Objec­tive: Given a binary tree and a given num­ber x, Write an recur­sive algo­rithm to search the ele­ment in the tree.

This is one of the very basic prob­lems of tree. If you are new to binary trees, this prob­lem might help you to under­stand the tree. First we will see the recur­sive solu­tion then I will show you how to solve it with­out recursion.


Recur­sive Approach:

Approach will be very sim­ple, do any of the tree tra­ver­sal(inorder, pre­order, pos­torder, BFS or DFS) and check if given ele­ment is present.



Does 4 exist in the tree: true

Does 7 exist in the tree: false

Non-Recursive Approach:

  1. If we are not using recur­sion then we need a data struc­ture to store the tree tra­ver­sal, we will use queue here
  2. Add root to the queue
  3. Check if cur­rent node has the ele­ment we are look­ing for if yes then return true else add chil­dren nodes of cur­rent node to the queue
  4. Ff queue gets empty, means we have not found the element



Does 4 exist in the tree: true

Does 7 exist in the tree: false


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  • Ali Haider

    very well explained…Search Ele­ment in Binary Search Tree is also explained with very easy demon­stra­tion here:

  • lipsa patel

    Non Recur­sive approach can be done using stack.

    pri­vate sta­tic boolean nonRecursiveSearchElementInBinaryTree(BinaryTreeNode root, int data) {
    if (root != null) {

    Stack stack1 = new Stack();

    //Push root node

    while(!stack1.isEmpty()) {
    Bina­ry­TreeN­ode poppedNode = stack1.pop();

    if ( == data) {
    return true;

    if (poppedNode.left != null) {

    if(poppedNode.right != null) {
    return false;