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Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree of Minimal Height

Objec­tive: Given a sorted array with unique ele­ments, Cre­ate a binary search tree with min­i­mal height.

Why min­i­mal height is important :

We can do the lin­ear scan to the array and make the first ele­ment as root and insert all other ele­ments into the tree but in that case tree will be skewed , which means all the nodes of the tree will be on the one side of the root so the height of the tree will be equal to the num­ber of ele­ments in the array. So here our objec­tive is to keep the tree bal­anced as much as possible.

What is bal­anced Tree: A bal­anced tree is a tree in which dif­fer­ence between heights of sub-trees of any node in the tree is not greater than one. To read more about bal­anced tree, click here

Input: A one dimen­sional array

Out­put: Binary Search Tree of Min­i­mal Height


Sorrted Array To BST Example

Sor­rted Array To BST Example



  • Get the mid­dle of the array
  • make it as root. (By doing this we will ensure that half of the ele­ments of array will be on the left side of the root and half on the right side.)
  • Take the left half of the array, call recur­sively and add it to root.left.
  • Take the right half of the array, call recur­sively and add it to root.right.
  • return root.
Array To BST Recursion

Array To BST Recursion

Com­plete Code:


Tree Display :
2 3 6 7 8 9 12 15 16 18 20

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  • Archit

    // code in Java for the above problem

    pub­lic class Bina­ry­Tree {
    sta­tic Node root;

    sta­tic class Node {
    Node left;
    Node right;
    int data;

    Node(int data){ = data;
    left = right = null;

    sta­tic Node sortedArrayToBST(int[] a , int start , int end){
    if(start > end){
    return null;
    int mid = (start+end)/2;
    Node node = new Node(a[mid]);
    node.left = sortedArrayToBST(a,start,mid-1);
    node.right = sortedArrayToBST(a,mid+1,end);
    return node;

    sta­tic void preOrder(Node node){
    if(node == null){

    pub­lic sta­tic void main(String…args){
    int[] a = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7};
    root = sortedArrayToBST(a,0,a.length-1);