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String Compression using count of repeated characters — Run Length Encoding

Objec­tive: Write an algo­rithm to com­press the given string by using the count of repeated char­ac­ters and if new com­pressed string length is not smaller than the orig­i­nal string then return the orig­i­nal string.


Input String : ssssuuuummmmmmiiiittttttttttttt
Compressed String : s4u4m6i4t13

Input String : Jaain
Compressed String : Jaain (Since compressed string is length is greater than original string)

Input: A String

Out­put: either A com­pressed string or orig­i­nal string whichever us smaller.


  • Cre­ate a String­Buffer sb, int count
  • Nav­i­gate the string tak­ing each char­ac­ter at a time.
  • If you find the same char­ac­ters increase the count.
  • if not then append the char­ac­ter and its count to the string buffer sb.
  • reset the count value.
  • Com­pare the length of com­pressed String and orig­i­nal and whichever is smaller return that string.

Com­plete Code:


Compression of ssssuuuummmmmmiiiittttttttttttt is : s4u4m6i4t13
Compression of Jaain is : Jaain

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