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Find the n’th Node from the end of a given Linked List

Objec­tive: Given a linked list and inte­ger ‘n’, write an algo­rithm to find the nth node from the end in the Linked List.


Original List : ->1->2->8->3->7->0->4
Output : 3rd Element from the end is : 7

Input: An unsorted linked list and inte­ger k

Out­put: The kth to Last Ele­ment of a Singly Linked List


Recur­sive Approach:

  • Recurse through the Linked list
  • When we reach to the end of the list, base case will return 0
  • Now with each pass­ing back call through stack, add 1 and return.
  • When count hits k, print the value.

Iter­a­tive Approach:

  • Take two point­ers approach
  • Move first pointer by k
  • now move both the point­ers and when the first pointer reaches the end of the list the sec­ond pointer will be at the kth node from the end.
  • Return the kth node data.

Com­plete Code:


Original List : ->1->2->8->3->7->0->4
Recursion::3rd Element from the end is : 7
Iteration::5th Element from the end is : 8

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