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Track the Maximum Element in a Stack.

Objec­tive: In a Stack, keep track of max­i­mum value in it. It might be the top ele­ment in the stack but once it is poped out, the max­i­mum value should be from the rest of the ele­ments in the stack.


  • Cre­ate another another Stack(call it as track) which will keep track of max­i­mum in the given Stack(call it as main).
  • When you insert an ele­ment in the main stack for the first time ( means it is empty), insert it in the track Stack as well.
  • Now onwards when you insert a new element(say it is x) in the main Stack, peek() the ele­ment from the track Stack ( say it is ‘a’). Com­pare x and a and which ever is greater, insert it into track Stack.
  • When you pop the ele­ment from the main stack, pop from the track Stack as well
  • So to get to know the max­i­mum ele­ment in the main Stack, peek the ele­ment in the track Stack. . See Exam­ple below.

Thanks Gau­rav Dey for sug­gest­ing this solution.




Com­plete Code:


Max Element is 18
Removing Element 18
Max Element is 14

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