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Tree Traversals

There are mul­ti­ple ways to in which you can tra­verse a tree. In this arti­cle we will see these tra­ver­sals in detail. If you are new to trees then I would rec­om­mend that you pay close atten­tion to this arti­cle because you will be solv­ing almost all the prob­lems on tree by using one or more of these traversals.

Here we will dis­cuss the recur­sive approach, we will have sep­a­rate posts for Iter­a­tive or Non-recursive approach.


Tree Traversals

Tree Tra­ver­sals


In every tra­ver­sal we visit the tree in cer­tain order. lets  dis­cuss them in detail.

Pre­order Tra­ver­sal: ( Read about non-recursive approach of Pre­order Tra­ver­sal)

  • Visit the root.
  • Visit the left-subtree.
  • Visit the right-subtree.

Inorder Tra­ver­sal: ( Read about non-recursive approach of Inorder Tra­ver­sal)

  • Visit the left-subtree.
  • Visit the root.
  • Visit the right-subtree.

Pos­torder Tra­ver­sal: ( Read about non-recursive approach of Pos­torder Tra­ver­sal)

  • Visit the right-subtree.
  • Visit the left-subtree.
  • Visit the root.

Click here to read about Breadth-First Search and Depth-First Search.



Inorder Traversal:4 2 5 1 6 3 7
Preorder Traversal:1 2 4 5 3 6 7
Postorder Traversal:7 6 3 5 4 2 1

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  • Fuen Wu

    As per the expla­na­tion ‚it seems that the code for pos­tOrder­Recur­sive is not right ‚it visit right sub­tree firstly.

    • tuto­ri­al­hori­zon

      Thanks Fuen, changed the explanation.

  • Shilpa

    Post order tra­ver­sal Algo­rithm is not cor­rect.
    It should be as fol­lows–
    1. Visit the left sub­tree
    2. Visit the right sub­tree.
    3. Then visit the root

    • kosciCZ

      +1, Fuen Wu propably meant that the code is wrong, the cor­rect order of Post order indeed is Left Right Root.