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Most frequent word

Objective: Given an array of string, write a program to find the word in the array which appears the maximum number of times. Example: Input: [Algorithms, String, Integer, Integer, Algorithms, String, Integer, Algorithms, String,...


Given an array, count the number of pairs with a given sum.

Objective: Given an array of integers, write a program to count all the pairs with the given sum. Example: Given array: [1, 5, 7, 1, -1], Sum= 6 Total Pairs: 3 Note: pairs are...


Find if any two intervals overlap in given intervals

Objective: Interval is defined as [start, end]- the start of an interval to the end of the interval. Given a list of Intervals. Your task is to check if any two intervals overlap. Example:...


Given an array, find all unique subsets with a given sum with allowed repeated digits.

Objective: Given an array of integers and number N, Write an algorithm to find and print all the unique subsets of array for which sum is equal to N where array elements can be...

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