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Sliding Window Algorithm (Track the maximum of each subarray of size k)

Objective: Given an array and integer k, write an algorithm to find the maximum element in each subarray of size k. Example: int [] nums = { 1, 2, 3, 2, 4, 1, 5,...


Print all sub sequences of a given array

Objec­tive:  Given an array write an algorithm to print all the possible sub subsequences. Example: int [] a = {1, 2, 3}; Output: Possible sub sequences – {Empty}, {1}, {2}, {3}, {1, 2} ,{1,3}, {2,...


Dynamic Programming – Egg Dropping Problem

Objec­tive:  There are n number of eggs and building which has k floors. Write an algorithm to find the minimum number of drops is required to know the floor from which if egg is dropped,...


Nuts & Bolts Problem (Lock & Key problem)

Objec­tive:  Given ‘n’ Nuts and ‘n’ Bolts of different sizes. There is one-to-one mapping between nuts and bolts. Write an algorithm to find all matches between nuts and bolts Note: This problem can also be...


Remove Duplicates from a string

Objective:  Given a string, write an algorithm to remove the duplicate characters in that string. Example: Input: tutorialhorizon Output: tuorialhzn Approaches: There are multiple approaches to solve this problem- Use Sorting – (Will change the...

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