Maximum CPU Load Problem in a jobs list

Given a list of n Jobs with start time, end time and CPU load when it is active at any moment. If all the jobs are running at the same machine then find the maximum CPU load at any time, Also print the time at which the load was maximum. Input: Given a list of … Read more

Maximum overlaps in a given list of time intervals

Interval is defined as [start, end]- the start of the interval to the end of the interval. Given the list of Intervals write an algorithm to find the maximum number of intervals overlapping at any point in time. Example: Given Intervals: [[0,2], [3,7], [1,5], [7,8], [4,6]] Maximum overlapping: 3 Explanation: Interval (4, 5) is overlapping … Read more

Maximum meetings in one room

You have one meeting room at your company. There are N meeting needs to take place. Every meeting has a start time and end time along with the meeting title. Your task is to schedule as many meetings as possible in that conference room with no conflicts.  Example: Meetings: A[ Start Time: 1, End Time: … Read more

Job Sequencing algorithm – Java

Objective: You are given n jobs along with the deadline and profit for each job. Your task is to write an algorithm to choose the jobs wisely which can maximize the profit. Also compute the maximum profit. Below are the details Each job duration is 1 unit. Name – Name of the job. Deadline – … Read more

Find if any two intervals overlap in given intervals

Objective: Interval is defined as [start, end]- the start of an interval to the end of the interval. Given a list of Intervals. Your task is to check if any two intervals overlap. Example: Given Interval: [[1,5], [6,10], [12,15], [3,7]] Two intervals are present which intersect Given Interval: [[1,5], [6,10], [12,15]] No intervals overlasx Approach:  … Read more

Activity Selection Problem

Objective: The activity selection problem is a combinatorial optimization problem concerning the selection of non-conflicting activities to perform within a given time frame, given a set of activities each marked by a start time (si) and finish time (fi). The problem is to select the maximum number of activities that can be performed by a … Read more

Determine the given routing number belong to which bank

Objective: Given the banks and range of routing numbers for each bank. You have given a routing number, write a program to determine which bank it belongs to. Input: Given a list of routing ranges for each bank, with a start number, end number, and bank name. For instance, range = [1001, 1005, BOFA] has … Read more

Check if interval is covered in given coordinates

Objective: Given 1-D list of coordinates, (x1, x2), (x3, x4), , , ,(xn-1, xn)and interval (a, b). Write an algorithm to determine if interval (a,b) is covered in the list of coordinates. Example: Coordinates –  [(2,5), (5,7),(1,4)] and interval = (1,6) Return true Explanation – Points 1 to 6 lies in list of interval given … Read more