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Print All The Full Nodes in a Binary Tree

Objective: Given a binary tree, print all nodes will are full nodes. Full Nodes: Nodes Which has both the children, left and right are called Full Nodes Approach: quite simple Solution. Do the any...


Find numbers which are palindrome in both their decimal and octal Representations

Objective: Given a range of integers, find all the numbers which are palindrome when they are represented in Decimal Value( base 10) and in Octal value(base 8). Example : Number : 373 (Decimal) and...


Find All the Well Ordered Permutations of a Given String.

Objective: Write an algorithm to Print All the Well Ordered Permutations of a Given String. What is Well Ordered String: When all the alphabets in a string occur in the increasing order irrespective of...


Find Increasing Triplet Sub-sequence

Objective: Given an integer array A[1..n], find an instance of i,j,k where 0 < i < j < k <= n and A[i] < A[j] < A[k]. Example : int arrA[] = { 10,...


Print All the Subsets of a Given Set (Power Set)

Objective: Given a set of numbers, print all the posssible subsets of it including empty set. Power Set: In mathematics, PowerSet of any given set S, PS(S) is set of all subsets of S...


Print All Combinations of subset of size K from Given Array

Objective: Given an array of integers of size N, print all the subsets of size k. (k<=N) Example: Generate all subsets of a fixed size k of a given set [1,2,3…n]. e.g, if n=5...


Track the Maximum Element in a Stack.

Objective: In a Stack, keep track of maximum value in it. It might be the top element in the stack but once it is poped out, the maximum value should be from the rest...


Print All Possible Valid Combinations Of Parenthesis of Given ‘N’

Objec­tive: – Given “n”, generate all valid parenthesis strings of length “2n”. Example: Given n=2 Output: (()) ()() Approach:


Implement Queue Using Stacks

Objective: We know that Queue is FIFO (First-in-First-Out) and Stack is LIFO ( Last-in-First-Out). Here our objective is to implement queue using stacks. Approach: Take 2 Stacks, stack1 and stack2. stack1 will be used...


Reverse The Doubly Linked List

Objective: Reverse The Doubly Linked List. Example: Approach: Every Node in a doubly linked list has next and previous pointer. Do the linear traversal of the linked list and keep swapping the next and...


Swap Kth Node from the front with the Kth Node from the End

Objective: Given a Linked List and a number k, Swap Kth Node from the front with the Kth Node from the End Example: ->10->20->30->40->50->60->70 Swapping 1 Node from the Front and from the End...


Print the Bottom View of the Binary Tree.

Objec­tive: – Given a binary tree, print it in Bottom View of it. What is Bottom View: Bottom view means when you look the tree from the bottom the nodes you will see will be...

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