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Find Whether Two Strings are Permutation of each other

Objective: Given Two Strings, check whether one string is permutation of other Input: Two Strings Output: True or false based on whether strings are permutation of other or not. Example: “sumit” and “tiums” are...


Reverse a Linked List

Objective: Reverse the given linked list. Input: A Linked List Output: Reversed Linked List Example: Input : ->30->25->20->15->10->5 Reversed : ->5->10->15->20->25->30 NOTE : Click Reverse a Linked List – Part 2 to see the...


Count All Paths from Top left to bottom right in Two Dimensional Array including Diagonal Paths

Objective: Count all the paths from left top corner to right bottom corner in two dimensional array. Input: Two Dimensional array Output: No of paths. Approach : 1. Recursive Recursive solution to this problem...


Find a pair of numbers from an array whose sum equals k

Objective: Write an algorithm to find out whether in a given array there exists or not two numbers whose sum is exactly equals to a given number. This problem has been asked in Amazon...

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