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Print All Possible Valid Combinations Of Parenthesis of Given ‘N’

Objec­tive: – Given “n”, generate all valid parenthesis strings of length “2n”. Example: Given n=2 Output: (()) ()() Approach:


Delete X Nodes After Y Nodes In a Linked List

Objective: Given a Linked List and x and y. Delete x number of nodes after y nodes from the start. Example: ->10->20->30->40->50->60->70->80->90->100->110->120 Deleted 4 Nodes after 5 Nodes ->10->20->30->40->50->100->110->120 Approach: We need two pointers....


Inorder Predecessor and Successor in Binary Search Tree

Objective: – Given a Binary Search Tree, Find predecessor and Successor of a given node. What is Predecessor and Successor : When you do the inorder traversal of a binary tree, the neighbors of...


Check if Array is Consecutive Integers

Objective: Given a array of unsorted numbers, check if all the numbers in the array are consecutive numbers. Examples: int [] arrA = {21,24,22,26,23,25}; – True (All the integers are consecutive from 21 to...


In an Array, find the Contiguous Subarray with Sum to a Given Value.

Objective: Given an array and an integer, find the Subarray whose sum is equal to the given integer. Examples: int[] arrA = { 25, 12, 14, 22, 19, 15, 10, 23 }; Integer =...


Rearrange Positive and Negative Elements at Alternate Positions in an Array In O(1) Extra Space

Objective: Given an array arrA[] which has negative and positive elements, rearrange the array in such a manner that positive and negative elements occupy the alternate positions and if there are extra positive or...

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