Number of Intervals in which given value lies

Objective: Given a list of intervals with start and end for each interval. You have given a value V, write an algorithm to find the number of intervals in which the value V lies. 


Given Interval: [[1,7], [3,10], [12,15]]
Value : 6 lies in Intervals: 2

Given Interval: [[1,7], [3,10], [12,15]]
Value : 11 lies in Intervals: 0


  1. Input: list of intervals and value V.
  2. Initialize count = 0.
  3. Iterate through the intervals, for each current interval
    1. Check if V lies in the current intervals mean start_of_current<=V and end_of_current>=V, increment the count.
  4. Return the count.

Complete Code:


Given Interval: [[1,7], [3,10], [12,15]]
Value : 6 lies in Intervals: 2

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