Quick Sort Implementation

Objective: Write an algorithm to sort an array in increasing or decreasing order using Quick Sort.

Input:  An Array arrA[]

Output: A sorted array.


  • Choose any element from the array and call it as pivot element, Example here we have selected middle element as pivot
  • Place all the elements smaller than pivot in the left side of pivot.
  • Place all the elements greater than pivot in the right side of pivot.
  • Sort left side and right side recursively.


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Valid or Well Formed Parentheses | Part – 1

Objective: You have been asked to Write an algorithm to find Whether Given the Sequence of parentheses are well formed. This question was asked in the Amazon Interview.

Input: A String contains a sequence of parentheses

Output: true or false on whether parentheses are well formed or not


  • Idea is to have two counters, one for open parentheses ‘{‘ and one for close ‘}’
  • Read one character at a time and increment one of the counters
  • If any given point of time count of close parentheses is greater than the open one, return false
  • If at the end both counters are equal, return true

Example: { { } { } } – Well formed

{ { } { = Not well formed

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Find an Element in 2 dimensional sorted array

Objective : Write an algorithm to find an Element in 2 dimensional array where rows and columns are sorted respectively.

Input: A two dimensional sorted array, arrA[][].

Sorted 2D array


Output : True or false based on whether element exists and its location


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Merge Sort – Updated – Most Efficient ways to Implement

Objective : Write Merge Sort algorithm to sort elements in an array

Input: A unsorted array, arrA[].

Output : A sorted array.


Divide and Conquer: In this approach we divide the main problems into smaller problems, solve them and merge the results to get the final result.

How Divide and conquer works in Merge Sort:

We divide the elements into two half’s by middle of the array. We solve the left half and right half recursively and merge the results.


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